How to handle hard times the Christian way

Today was a particularly hard day. Everything I planned for today failed to work. I was supposed to get some things done and was expecting some money to be given to me so I can handle my commitments but the money didn’t come. I had to get a visa to travel abroad tomorrow to attend a conference but the visa did not come. I missed my flight and have to book one again to reach there by the next day. I lost a great opportunity in business because of this. Am I upset? Yes. Am k angry? Yes I am angry. But is this something I cannot handle? Nope I can easily handle that. Somethings things just fail to go our way. That is when as a Christian you should be really strong and remain faithful.

My faith is in God. My all powerful saviour who has full control about my life and his plans. We are just small pieces in the Lord God’s puzzle. So everything that touches you comes from the Lord first who approved. So relax and have fun. 


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