In all toil there is profit

Every day as you wake up and head to work, I want you to remember this verse from the book of Proverbs 14:23, In all toil there is profit, but mere talk  tends only to poverty. Spend some time on this. A positive contribution to your work day would help you, your work, your life and family. Spend your time wisely as you should and you will reap the benefits. The Lord spoke of the toiling and praying but never said leave everything to praying and hoping alone.

The essential component being the toiling. God rewards a true effort regardless of your earthly superiors think or do. When Joseph was truthful and faithful to his responsibility as an employee and his earthly masters were not fair to him, Joseph had an option to turn away from his faithfulness or turn immoral. In fact when the chance had come for him to be immoral, he ran away and chose to be faithful to his master and his God. God always rewarded him for his faithfulness and his sincerity and exalted him above all his brothers, his masters and even the king. This reward came from the good Lord above and not his earthly masters as we can see.
Proverbs 14 23 Bible verses
Let me give you another example. Daniel was sincere to his Lord and his master as well but chose to be faithful to his Lord more. Despite a chance in who ruled the country, Daniel was always respected and admired with all the rulers. Daniel was also one of the very few who was always tested for his toiling but he withstood.

Do not look for returns from your boss or your team leader here because he may or may not be able to appreciate what your contribution is. Instead do your toiling sincerely as your Lord watches you and knows your contribution and would reward you accordingly. Trust in the Lord and toil for in all toil there is profit.


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