Kick anxiety away

 One of my very close friends suffered anxiety attack today. While it was scary as hell to both her parents and children, it was tremendous relief to see her doctor tell her everything is alright.

This incident and rushing to the hospital to take care of her actually triggered me to write this post and so here it is.

What to do when you feel anxious?

  • Always remember what the symptoms are. Like tingling in the nerves, sizzling pain in arms, legs or shoulders. Anything that is related to your heart, breathing, chillness and sleepy limbs.
  • Realize there is a problem. Once you accept there is a problem, move on to take corrective action to get that set right. How do you do that? Check with a doctor. Right away. Anxiety attacks are not life threatening but can be deadly if ignored. Have seen some really bad cases, so don’t ignore.
  • Take corrective steps in your daily life and make lifestyle changes that would help you be less anxious and be more positive.

The Spiritual angle…

What is the spiritual angle? Well, here it goes. You know that God has created you for a specific purpose. His wish for you is real and practical – for you to realise your true potential and your life’s calling. What is your life’s calling? You need to see what your strengths are and what your heart wants to do. Analyse what you can do to your fullest potential. What you love and want to do. Now get out and set yourself to do it while you enjoy it. Ensure God is in the picture too. Have all your troubles rest upon God and sail yourself. When you realize that your potential and your will power can take you long and God can help you last longer and go far towards achieving your potential, you would start to worry less and out in your work. When Moses realised that he cannot go far with his willpower and might and had to reanalyse his goal and when he came back with God’s will and power, his work and effort reduced or at least seemed so. He was able to reach his goal of setting a nation of people free.

Worry less. We cannot change anything with worry. Be free and relaxed while doing what you should be doing. Prioritize your tasks and only attend to what make you move forward. Once you leave the worry to God and give in your 100% things change. Here is to a healthier Christian life and walking with Christ.


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