I am clay. Dry clay without a shape or character or use. You are one too.

Once you understand the fact that God is molding you to his like and all the troubles and tribulation you are going through are the part of this wonderful molding, you would start to understand his big picture for your life. You are not here just like a stone or an animal, you are here for a purpose, a mission and a blessing. You are here because you can be a blessing to other people and you need to achieve that. To reach there, you need to understand and live with the passion that God has for you.
Monday Blues.JPG

When troubles come, be ready to face them with a smile on your lips and happiness in your heart and go to face them for your Lord is putting you through only things you can handle. To make you strong, to make your powerful and to make you useful for his purpose. When he is shaping you, you got to feel the pain and it hurts but this is all part of his training for your eternal purpose. So face that with praise in your heart and a courage knowing that the Lord God doesn’t let anything happen to your without his permission.

When those few pebbles were molded in the water for years together and polished by wind, sand and heat in the valley, they never would have imagined what they had in store for them until David picked them up from the dust and enshrined them in his little leather pouch as he went up to fight the giant Goliath. God has a purpose for you and it is as big, as grand as you cannot imagine. So commit to him in faith, in belief and let his work his magic and he would use you as an un-matchable weapon which would break open the shrouds of darkness and the gates of Hell cannot stand before you. Be useful to God. But before that mold yourself to match his need.

Let him take you through some tough experiences and during all this don’t ever lose hope for when he is shaping you, he is watching you carefully. You are in his mighty caring hands. Stay strong.


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