Proclaim over troubles

Proclaim his name over all your troubles and you shall see how small they are in his mighty presence.

The most amazing thing is that as Christians we tend to forget that God exists amidst us when we are going through the toughest phases of life. He was there when the disciples were getting hit by strong waves so much so that seasoned fishermen like Simon and Andrew were so scared and thought they would perish in the storm. When the storm was beyond their control and they couldn’t hold it anymore, they cried out to the Lord for help. Jesus rebuked the storm and it calmed down like a bubble in a tea cup.

What is interesting is Jesus also chided them questioning their faith. Because once you have Jesus in your boat oblivious to the storm, you are still in control. Your faith has the power to calm the storm down.

Today I want you to put this verse in your prayer and on your lips. Let us proclaim the presence of God almighty, the omnipresent, the all powerful and the ever gracious Lord in us. In our troubles – whether it is health, financial, family, emotional or anything else. Nothing is stronger than God and powerful enough to trouble him. Let us declare the presence of the Lord and claim victory over all our problems. For he is all powerful and he is alive today.

Heavenly father, I proclaim your presence Lord in our problems, troubles and tribulations and bless your name for you know everything and you are committed to being our father. Thank you for your blessing and grace. We command that these storms calm down and peace be restored in our lives and families. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen


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