It can be one of the most irritating things in life yet be the most interesting things too. I am talking about the act of waiting. It takes all your time effort and pair xe to wait for something that you don’t love and it can be a painful process which exhausts you and tires you. At the same time it can be the most pleasant experience of your expectations are right and things just work out. Or in other words it can be very pleasant if you are in love with the purpose you are waiting for.

Christ rewards a heart that waits for his guidance. That waits for his heart’s will. That waits for him to bless. That fights with him and implored with him to bless. Like Jacob on the saw back home we need to wrestle our prayers and seek the Lord.

Jacob was still the son of Abraham and Isaac till he fought and wrestled his way with the Lord at Penuel and sought his blessings and his blessings came to him in few years. Jesus was actually pleased at the way Jacob fought with him and didn’t let him go. Jacob was blessed and became Israel.

Seek his blessings in your life but wait for them to come in showers in plenty. In abundance. In his gracious manner for the son of king of kings. Wait patiently and seek the God for he is a Good god!


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