Times flies. We all are mere drops in the ocean of time and as it flies it leaves us breathless. As individuals we often choose to forget that life is a quick sojourn in this planet and it can be daunting when we forget the main purpose we are created. And in that quick sojourn we run around for far too long and don’t have time to address the main things – love the people who care about us, spend time with our families, praise the Lord and share his love.

When faced with adversities we tend to lose our focus on who our creator is and how much he loves us. As the word of God says, in Isaiah 41:9 I have chosen you and have not rejected you.


 How easy it is to forget this beautiful verse and think no one loves us and we cannot succeed when we are focused on the human impossibles around us. When you look at the mountain it looks insurmountable from far but when you choose to step up and decide to conquer it, it is one step at a time. When our human brain tells you that things are not in control, remember who your father is. He is the creator and the most powerful Lord of the universe and He cares about you. The most awesome person in the whole universe is supporting you.

When in help, look up to the Lord for support. As Apostle Paul puts it,

 Do not be anxious about anything! Philippians 4:6-7

 Why be anxious when you have the blessing of the Lord on your side? Seek his approval and grace before starting what you set out for and you shall have the comfort.

 In the next one month we will explore 26 days of praise and how we can lean on God for our troubles and major issues and seek his support. Stay with me and subscribe. God bless!



10 thoughts on “A for Anxious, Don’t be

  1. How lovely that you’ll be posting verses during the month of the A-Z! Always so nourishing and a reminder that God is on our side. God bless to you and have a great weekend!


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