Yes we are indeed blessed. Let me explain. Imagine how big the city you are living in is! Imagine how difficult it would be for someone to come searching for your house if they are coming to meet you for the first time. Now imagine if you are in a different country and the person coming to meet you doesn’t know the language and is coming for the first time. Isn’t it difficult for to find out your address and come.

Walking with christ b for blessed.JPG

Imagine how big the universe is and in this small planet which is of minuscule proportions when compared to some of the latest cosmic discoveries how unimportant we are when we realize where we fit in to the scheme of things. And now see the grace of God in selecting us and shedding his blood and sacrificing his only begotten son for our sake so we can live free of sin. Isn’t it a wonderful blessing?

It is really humbling and scary when we think of God and the human like you and me and how the equation works. It is nothing but God’s love and grace that helps us do that and still consider worthy of being forgiven.
What does he expect in return from us? Practically nothing. He wants us to lead a righteous life worthy of being called his son and worthy of the sacrifice we are bestowed upon. The price paid for our sins is the blood of Jesus and we cannot pay it back. We are truly blessed.
There is no more joy than being aware of God’s love for us and his plans for us. God just doesn’t want us to be blessed but share the news of his blessing and grace to others so they can be blessed too. The simplest thing you can do is share the love to others.
Thank you Lord for your kindness and grace and love. We praise you and exalt you and humble ourselves in your presence.

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