C for Commit your ways to the Lord


What is man’s plan when it comes to the will of God? What should he do to see if it fits in the great scheme of things that the Lord has in plan for you? How do we know what is God’s purpose for us in life? What does the scripture say about man’s plans?

Walking With Christ C for Commit.JPG

The Bible brings is great stories and incidents of human endeavor like the ark of Noah, Exodus of Jews, Tower of Babel, King David’s attempts to build a temple for the Lord, Solomon successfully building a house for God, Jonah misadventure and many more. Almost all of them speak of the same thing. If your endeavors are approved by God and are blessed, then you taste tremendous success and astounding blessing. If they do not match, it is a rough way for you. Isn’t it easier that we seek God’s approval and commit our plans to the God and then proceed to pursue them.
Let us see the example of David and his will to build a house for the God. It was a great idea and David has all the means and will to build one of the greatest temples ever on the face of the planet and yet when he sought the will of God, Lord chose to ask him to prepare and Solomon to build.
Let us see another example. When Joshua sought the presence of God before attacking Jericho, he was very successful even without lifting a sword or shooting an arrow.
Great victories come from obedience to the God’s will and command and when we commit our efforts in prayer, we would have divine approval.
In life when everything is moving too fast and too hectic leaving very little chance for error, isn’t it easy to commit all plans to God for approval?

3 thoughts on “C for Commit your ways to the Lord

  1. Scripture gives us plenty of examples and encourages us to commit our ways to Him. But as sinners we constantly fail to do so. Thanks for your post and for visiting my blog!


  2. Thank you for sharing. I have questioned for a while what my purpose in life is, and I now know that it is to help others. It was my calling to be a nurse, then when I had my daughter my calling was to be a mom, but I felt like I wasn’t doing enough with my education. Since I started my blog I know that this is what I was meant to do, to help others as much as I can by giving them as much information as I can. Thanks again for sharing! Cassie from Mommy, RN


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