I will try and put this post as simply across as possible. The greatest things in human history have been achieved not by the most apt, able and talented people but by people who had the willingness to try and DO. The key word here is do. Wright brothers weren’t the only ones to achieve what they set out for. Many people were trying to fly and create history. Many people lost their lives doing so but we only remember the ones who succeeded.

God too has this amazing habit of choosing the most reluctant people to get his work done. Take Jonah, for example, who went off to Tarsish than to Niniveh and was reluctant to the core before he finally helped people of Niniveh change and repent of their transgressions. Take Moses who keeps finding excuses to avoid going back to Egypt. Take Gideon who was hiding and many more such examples. When they followed the will of God, the result was just incredible.


Not let us look at people who followed God’s command willingly. Take king David, Abraham, Jacob, Hanok, the disciples and many more such people who followed his command. Great success followed wherever Abraham went. Greater successes followed Jacob. Apostles performed greater miracles than Jesus himself and there was a time when Paul and Peter’s apparels were healing the sick. Such was God’s presence and grace on them. Whenever the task ahead of you is beyond you and humbling you, remember where your strength comes from. It comes from the God who is worthy of praise and his holiness strengthens us and encourages us to perform greater tasks than we can ever imagine.

Yes, we can do all things in God and achieve our goals when we seek his guidance and blessing.



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