E is for Expect


We all are very good at expecting. Aren’t we? When it comes to the Lord we start comparing the Lord to fit into our schemes and picture God as a small helpless god who can do only things that we can ourselves do with a little help. What William Carey said makes a lot of sense when we think of God in his full glory. Carey who was instrumental in making the Bible available in most languages by translating them himself said, “Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God”.

Walking with Christ Expect great things  from God.jpg

The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob is the all powerful, omnipotent God who can cure the headache of an ant as well as create the entire universe with his single breath. He is the ultimate and all powerful solution to our problems and can clear all our troubles effortlessly. When the Lord is with us who can be against us!

We all could use a little faith and can have more trust in the God and his capabilities. When we attempt to create a sustainable resource from God, we need to understand that he is more closer to the tasks that aim at achieving the kingdom of God. When your plan fits into the Lord’s purpose for you, you see extraordinary success and growth. You would see a release of unexpected grace and guidance from the Lord and his powerful arm leading you, mentoring you in every step. We all could use some such guidance.

So let us expect great things from God by attempting greater things for God and you can be assured of your success. When you seek with all your heart, with all your soul, you would understand the true purpose and whether there is a divine encouragement for your tasks and see that obstacles are removed and your path would be free. Seek guidance from the Lord and attempt great things for the Lord. He wouldn’t disappoint you.



2 thoughts on “E is for Expect

  1. Too often we expect too little of God or we are afraid to get out of our little boxes. But when we do trust Him, are willing to take risks in order to follow the dreams He has given us, He uses our small offerings for His purposes, and that makes them great! 🙂 Blessings!


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