H is for Healing


We all need a healing touch once in a while. It makes more sense when it comes from the Lord. The Lord we worship is a full God, a complete God and in his completeness we are one!

When he was on the planet of Earth for a few years, one thing Christ did was heal people. He healed multitudes of people and made sure they were found. He actively sought sick people and said he is the Lord who heals or JEHOVAH RAPHA (THE LORD WHO HEALS)!

Jesus was very aggressive in his gospel work and yet chose to heal the sick and touch the hearts with burdens and relieve them our their pain and suffering. Though the message of God is not the one that says skip the hospitals and ignore the doctor, he was in pain when he saw people suffering around him.

We must remember that when we pray for the sick we are offering intercessory prayer to God. However, God is still the Master Healer and the Great Physician and He will or will not heal those whom He will or will not heal. We all have the right to pray for the sick and seek healing from the Lord. Luke 9:1 Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.

Sickness can be really depressing and hurtful. We turn scared and seek comfort and prayer can help. That is when you have to remember that you are not alone! Christ is there with you in the suffering and he is a winner. You can win too and seek healing from him!


If you have a sickness in your body, do kneel down right now and seek the healing power of our God and command over it for he has already paid the price for the healing to come in. If you need help with prayer, do drop in a message or comment and I will join you in prayer for your healing and redemption. May the gracious Lord be with you and give you peace.




3 thoughts on “H is for Healing

  1. Thank you write2tiger. Please will you pray for my brother Christopher who is completely on the edge. I pray for him all the time. He lives fairly far away from me. Thank you …is this alright to ask for my brother?

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