Light of the world


We are called to be the light of the world. When we share the illumination of the Lord with the world we become channels of his power and mercy on other people and there by are victorious in the Lord. When we follow his guidelines and are faithful to him we are channeling his blessing on us but when we are following his greatest command which is spreading the message of Love and salvation through Jesus, we are not just channeling his blessing in us but also to others. When we share the gospel truth and encourage the Light to shine in other’s lives, we also encourage adding the salt to their lives which means we bring in the taste of freedom from sin, from depression, from poverty, from sickness and from death.



When we live a righteous life and withhold the word of God in our daily life we not just act as Christians but act as the living testimony for the goodness of God and are therefore the best example of his gospel in this world. When others look at us and see us behave differently from the worldly people, they exalt the God through us. When we are kind, compassionate, forgiving and faithful, we might think no one is seeing but trust me many people observe how we talk, what we do and how we behave and link it to our beliefs and principles. So let us be the salt and Light for many people in this world and let us be a channel of his blessing in their lives. Because once we channel his blessing, we ought to be victorious.




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