My Grace


What have we done to deserve the highest power the almighty God to look up for us and show interest in us? What can we do so he would ponder upon our requests and show his face to us? Nothing can compare to his countenance and nothing can match his compassion and only by his grace do sinners like us have redemption from satan, from poverty, from sickness and death. Only by his grace do we have power over all the worldly beings, powers of the underworld and the gates of hell cannot stand before us.


Do you think the Lord God who has sent his only son to this planet of dust, sweat and despising people has forgotten you and forsaken you? Do you think in your most difficult times your God would hide his face? Don’t you ever doubt his presence in your life, don’t you ever question his existence and grace in your life. The one who sent his only son for your redemption so you can never forget you. In fact he is more closer to you than ever and his grace is all you need and his power works best in weakness and helps you come out of the troubles and problems.

Let us praise the Lord our God who never forsakes us or leaves us in our darkest hour and his grace is always with us. For he has promised when we seek him he will be found, when we call upon him, he will answer and when we knock he will never not answer. In praise is victory, in praise is the key to the heavenly favor and in praise is the answer for redemption.




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