N is for New



When things go wrong do not fret but be happy that they are happening to you. After all from death there is life, when spoils we have fresh regeneration and when troubles and tribulations come we have our faith renewed.

What joy is in a continuous silent ride in our lives? When there are ups and downs we realise the importance of people around us and observe how things change and learn from that. When you are down remember not to loose faith in the Lord as he has promised he will do something new and he will do it soon. As believers and faithful servants of God we need to praise him and have hope that our Lord of salvation would come to our rescue and show us all the good things he has promised to deliver.


For since the day Christ came down to this earth and sacrificed himself for us on the cross, he has already started to do something great for us and solved our problems. He has the ability to create the pathway in the wilderness and create rivers in the dry land or water from the rock or food from the sky. He can do all and everything as he is the master of everything we see and seek. Have your trust in the Lord and be calm to see his work. He has promised and has never lost.

Let us have our faith in the Lord and wait for his miraculous work and see how we will be redeemed. When David chose to fight Goliath in the valley he didn’t do that because he felt he could defeat the trained warrior giant as David was superior in the art of war but because he believed in the fact that God will do something miraculous and he would do it too. His faith helped him win over Goliath. Let us have faith and live in his shadow.




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