When we walk with the Lord and follow his guidance in our daily lives it is imperative that he blesses us and we find victory and success in our endeavours. But it gets really difficult and tough when he leads is in the dark valleys and the shadows of death. Read again. I said HE leads us and we are never alone. When we look at the shadows and afar knead and feel scared he is always there with us.

The easiest way to get out of these dark valleys is to follow and obey his words of guidance and be thankful for such wonderful experience. For no leader can withstand with out experiencing these problems and no blessing can be earned unless you face a test and win it.

As Christ clearly states in John 14:21, if you love him you need to obey him first unconditionally. Christ is my master and yours too. When we accept this fact and choose to obey him, there should be no hesitation in doing so. There is a greater satisfaction in leading a trusting and obedient soldier than a complaining, doubtful and reluctant one. Be a good soldier to Christ and learn to be an obedient servant of God.

For in obedience when we learn to be like Christ, we can also see great wonders happen in our lives as the blessings would come down from heaven like the Holy Spirit came down for Christ numerous times. For experiencing greater sanctions from God be thankful that he has chosen you and be obedient.




3 thoughts on “Obedience

  1. At my brother’s funeral, I started to question whether or not God loved me if I had to say good bye to my brother so young- he was 46. But then it occurred to me that no one suffered more than Jesus, and we know God loved Him. So, you’re right. He leads, we follow, and it’s reliance on Him that gets us through.

    The Really Real Housewives


  2. Obedience can be such a struggle at times. So much luring us away from Jesus. Your’s was a good A to Z series. I hope you reached at least one person and hopefully many more.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


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