Quoting Bible verses for victory


Do you know we can use the verses of God and Bible to win over Satan easily? The verses have power of God as they have been written by the guidance of the Lord and hence have the divine power in them and anointed to breathe his word in to the one who uses it. As it is said in the Gospel of John, the word was with God and the Word was God and the Word came down to Earth to be with us. The powerhouse of the Lord is in his scriptures and has come down to be with us in the form of the Bible.

Word God is power

When we use his name and the blood of Jesus along with the verses, it makes the most powerful combination to your faith and the promises in the Bible reassure you and me of the deliverance and redemption which is already paid for. Praise the Lord for such huge credit he has given us to be his representatives on this Earth to carry on his good work and his message of peace for the children on the Earth.

It is said that Satan knows the Bible by heart and can only be defeated by the power of the Word as Jesus himself used it when he faced temptation from Satan right after his 40 day fast and Satan couldn’t come back with a logic or a better temptation. Jesus gives us the ultimate example here when he quotes the word of God. Jesus answered, “It is said: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’ – Luke 4:12.

Satan just left him and moved away. Next time you are faced with tribulations from Satan, use the might powerful sword of the Word and defeat the temptation and you would find solace and redemption in the process. May the Word of the powerful God be with you all the time.




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