T is for Taste


We all have heard and sing songs about God being a good God. Being a kind one at that an a gracious one. How do you know that the God is good?

The Psalmist has a solution for that. Why do you want to assume that God is good? Why don’t you try do yourself? The goodness of our God is eternal. Unlike most other things and people labeled as gods, our God is a living God. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the living fire and the water of life. He is the comforter and the defender of the weak.

Take refuge in Lord and you shall never be left thirsting again. He is faithful and has been faithful for thousands of years. He is committed and has never gone back on his word. He remains the ultimate power and gracious god in your life and mine.

So here is an invite from the heavenly buffet. Taste the goodness of God and you shall not be left wanting. The psalmist also concludes that the ones who seek the Lord for his guidance and refuge are blessed. Why let blessings go?! Taste and see our God is good. Experience the pure power and the faithfulness of God. Come and try for yourself and see how joyful your life can be!



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