U for Upright heart


The most important thing we need to praise God is to do that with an upright heart. Jesus clearly mentioned that it is more important to abide by the laws of the Bible than to make a sacrifice to the Lord. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t praise but means that we have to be cautious when we approach the altar with our praise.


As the psalmist sings our praises are the burnt offerings to God and he is to be praised. Though we may feel Praise is almost a ritual, there is mighty significance with the praise. Praise wins battles. Praise breaks barriers. Praise breaks satanic chains and bondage a. Praise clears the path to God’s blessing.

Praise is simply the solution for all our issues. Praise gives faith. Praise is through obedience and following the simple rules of the Holy Spirit. Praise with an upright heart carries more weight and is readily accepted. Let us praise and pray with a clean heart and let the holiest of all be exalted.



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