X for Xmas


The known universe is expected to be a very small bit of the total universe and in this small known universe a very tiny part is help by our small solar system. Earth would have been really insignificant but for the human civilization and our intelligence and the fact that we are here on this planet is itself a miracle. Now consider this. There are millions and millions of comets and other debris floating around in the universe and the fact that Earth manages to swim around all these through the cosmos without any mishap is amazing.

In this whole chaotic universe you and I exist and God chose to spend his energy and attention on us. What is man to bother the almighty and the everlasting God who created all this universe and more with a mere breath? There must be some amazing reason why the Lord God is looking at you and me tonight and that is because you fit into his plan. This also means that you are very important and God loves you so much and has a specific plan for you.


The everlasting God is calling you his son and daughter and has sacrificed his only Son, the prince of peace, the wonderful counselor and the king of kings for your salvation and mine. This is simply beautiful. You matter to God. His attention is on you and you can be sure of that. Let us all thank the Lord for this gift we don’t deserve, this love we cannot repay back and this grace that we are lucky to have. Thank you Prince of peace for this Xmas.




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