Your blessing


There are many blessings in the Bible and all of them are given to all the believers in the world before us, to us and to our future generations. The promise is the same but the blessing is for you to claim. Even though every blessing given to us is given freely by God’s grace and is ours, we are to lay hold of them, through our faith and confession.

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The promise comes with only one condition, you be faithful to the Lord and claim it in Jesus name and it is yours. Your blessing is what God would give you for your faith and it can be entirely different from mine. In the walk of faith Peter managed to walk on water with the Lord while others saw Jesus walk towards them. To each his own faith and to each his own blessing.

David couldn’t possibly win with his own might and prowess in the battlefield against Goliath but he could easily win over the entire Philistine army with the might of the God and that is his blessing to claim. When we pray as Christians, if our prayer is raced with requests to do this and that, then there is no charm in that and it can get boring for us too. Pray to claim your blessing in the Lord and be useful to him and many people.








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